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Recent News

TATSUYA NAKATANI Returns with workshop and collaborative performance.

posted by Tom Hill
2014 Sep 15th, a Monday
Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center is pleased to continue its 20th Anniversary year with world-class percussionist, Tatsuya Nakatani on Tuesday, September 30. Nakatani will present a closed workshop for a small group and conclude with a collaborative performance that evening.
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Tatsuya Nakatani performs around the world with his unique style of percussion that mixes traditional Japanese music with the sounds of rock, jazz, experimental, and improvisation. He is well known for his inovative use of kitchen utensils and Chinese gongs.

Nakatani has brought a number of principles from the ancient Japanese artistic tradition. Among these is the notion of "ma" (best described as silence functioning as the space in which music occurs). The silence, which envelops the room, becomes an important component in his music. Sounds blossom and fade from, and back into, silence.

Tatsuya first performed at the LNAC in 2005 with Jack Wright “the free-jazz Johnny Appleseed” and French reed player Michel Doneda. He has made seven appearances since then including most recently December 2013 with the Nakatani Gong Orchestra and in October 2012 with Darin Gray and a Bhuto dancer.

Nakatani will conduct a workshop for local musicians on free-improvisation, listening, extended techniques, and his personal philosophy. Participants of the workshop will collaborate in ensembles led by Nakatani in the 8:00 PM concert of the same evening.

To participate in the 5:30 PM workshop, RSVP to Tom Hill at tomhill.tch@gmail.com or 314-814-3633. The fee for the workshop is a sliding scale of $15 to $20. Admission for the concert is $8, and begins at 8:00 PM. Seating is limited, and tickets are available at the door or in advance here:

Dva asks if you're really happy

posted by Tom Hill
2014 Sep 10th, a Wednesday

Dva from Czech Republic have something to say about personal satisfaction in today's world and they point to in their song Mulatu. Dva says, "The track 'Mulatu' is about unemployment and the pressure to look satisfied at any cost. The song ends in the chorus: 'I want to give up!'” The official video by animator Jára Plachý presents the message in a sneering barrage of false happy faces prancing through their day to day.

Don't miss Dva here at Lemp on September 23. It will be a $6 show since this pair has great travel expenses.

See you then!

DAMA/LIBRA (WA)/ Within/ K R Schlüter/ Anodes

posted by Tom Hill
2014 Aug 18th, a Monday
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After 25 years of friendship and many more of developing each's respective craft, Joe Phelps and G. Stuart Dahlquist come together to form Dama/Libra, and the music produced by this duo is as simple and direct as it is beautiful. While each carries an impressive pedigree - Phelps known for his work in 90's underground rockers Silkworm, and Dahlquist from Sunn O))) and Burning Witch - the music of Dama/Libra carries itself even higher, a difficult feat under the weight of this music which is heavy as well as fresh and new.

Rich textures of electronic sounds, dynamic arrangements, and haunting vocal lines combine to reference the heavy darkness of Sunn O))) revealing the the light within. Their music is purely honest and purposeful. There are no frills here.

Dama/Libra will perform at Lemp on August 26, an intimate and open space in which Phelps and Dahlquist will be performing at eye level with the audience - the perfect environment for this group. Tickets are $5 at the door. This and all LNAC events are open to all ages. The concert will begin at 8:00 PM.

For more information visit:


posted by Tom Hill
2014 Jul 10th, a Thursday
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Advance Tickets:

Bull of Heaven

When does music become more than music? For Bull of Heaven, an experimental/avant-garde group, music has always been more than simply sonic sounds. The Denver-based duo view music as mathematics, logic, creativity and talent.

The prolific artists have recorded and released songs ranging from less than a second to several septillion years in length, all available for free download through the band’s website. It’s not a gimmick. It’s conceptual art. And although the band has recorded trillions of hours of music, hearing them play live is a rarity that few in the world have ever experienced.

St. Louis music and art fans will get the chance to experience their live show as the band comes to the Lemp Neighborhood Art Center on August 2 at 8pm. What to expect? Who knows? That is the beauty of conceptual art as music. What is guaranteed is a three to four hour performance, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience at an intimate venue that will have the audience sitting inches away from the performers.

Plus, it’s only $7.

Think about it for a second. By length alone, Bull of Heaven have composed some 99% of the world's music. The band's sense of scope calls into question what we listeners expect from a piece of music, and further, situates the human artistic endeavor on a level that is truly cosmic.


Advance Tickets:

posted by Tom Hill
2014 May 27th, a Tuesday
Click for more info

With only 10 dates in North America, St. Louis music lovers need to clear their schedules for June 4 at 8pm, as Peter Brötzmann one of the most important European free jazz musicians, brings the landmark Peter Brӧtzmann / Hamid Drake / William Parker Trio to St. Louis for an intimate night of music.

The Peter Brӧtzmann / Hamid Drake / William Parker Trio will play the Lemp Neighbor Arts Center, an intimate venue that places the audience within feet of the performers, guaranteeing a once in a life time experience watching three of the greatest free jazz musicians take music to uncharted territories.

Free jazz first hit the scene in the 1950s and 1960s as a counter to bebop, hard bop and modal jazz that was popular at the time. Free jazz sought to break down the conventions of jazz music, and usher in a more collective improvisation to jazz music.

Peter Brӧtzmann’s impact on free jazz reached worldwide in 1968 with the release of his album, Machine Gun, which is widely considered as one of the most notable free jazz albums ever released.

For the 10-city North American Tour, Peter Brӧtzmann (saxophone and clarinet) will be joined by Hamid Drake on drums and William Parker on bass. Drake is acclaimed as one of the best percussionists in jazz and avant improvised music and Parker was named one of the 50 Greatest New York Musicians of All Time by Time Out New York.

Tickets for The Peter Brӧtzmann / Hamid Drake / William Parker Trio are available through the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center and can be purchased online at www.lemp-arts.org/index.php?content=brotz. Space is limited, so purchase tickets early.