About LNAC:

The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center is a non-profit project which aims to encourage and support intellectual, creative and emotional growth of young people in the greater St. Louis Area, especially those who are already engaged in the creative arts. While doing so, we also support independent artists and musicians at an international level. The main focus of the center is a performance space which doubles as an art gallery, having gained international recognition as a destination for non-commercial musicians and artists. LNAC offers a smoke and alcohol free, all-ages environment. We are not a bar or a coffeehouse! We offer only art and bottled water. There is no elevated stage. The acoustics are among the best and the intimate setting is ideal for experimental music. We have made a reputation for offering the traveling performers home-cooked meals and a high percentage of the cash made at the door, and lodging.

The Board is selective in choosing who will perform at the center, avoiding acts of a commercial nature. We also prohibit violent or reckless behavior and discriminatory, lewd, degrading or immoral messages that fail to support the standards of the community or the mission of LNAC.

Performers hail from Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Milan, Sweden, Rome, and Beirut (to name only a few). Musical genres include and are not limited to: free improvisation, electro-acoustic, folk, hardcore, punk, post-punk, rock, math rock, noise, grind, and no-wave. We also host poetry and theater.

Lemp Artists' Collective is based at, organizes, and operates the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center on a volunteer basis. This is an attempt to create work that engages the social changes in the immediate neighborhood and surrounding city. While our efforts are centered on the operation of the center and bringing high quality artists to St. Louis, we are also artists whose work shares this social focus. We are always looking for others who share the same concerns. If you also feel strongly about art and social change, we'd love to hear from you.

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3301 Lemp
St. Louis, MO 63118

Director: Mark Sarich

Board of Directors:

Jack Callahan
Laura Heidotten
Tom Hill
Miriam Keller
Jordan Knecht
Mary Meyers
Josh Oberman
Stefane Russell
Mark Sarich
Brad Schumacher
Ali Sehizadeh
Curtis Williams
Max Woods