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Shows start at 8:00PM & end at 11:00PM
Shows end at 12:00AM
All shows are all ages and $5.00 unless otherwise noted
Feel free to contact the LNAC with any ideas for events.

April 2015
Mon 06Fossil Youth (OK)/ Old State/ Oakwood Estate
Sun 19He Whose Ox Is Gored (WA)/ Path Of Might/ Van Buren
Tue 21Holy Pinto (Canterbury, UK)/ Collective Dream Band/ Giants Knife
Fri 24HMPH! (KC, MO)

May 2015
Sun 03Crazy Eyes (WA)
Thu 14Burning Palms (AZ)
Fri 15WaterMeDown (VA)/ lifewithout
Sat 16Chipper Jones (TX)/ Corduroi (TX)/ Mike Brown
Tue 19Hit Home (MA)/ We Are Like Computers
Fri 22Jason Zeh (KC, MO)

June 2015
Thu 11Low Cotton(former Rubric - SC)
Tue 16Gates (Ontario)