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Shows start at 8:00PM & end at 11:00PM
Shows end at 12:00AM
All shows are all ages and $5.00 unless otherwise noted
Feel free to contact the LNAC with any ideas for events.

July 2014
Tue 22Greys (Toronto, Canada)/ Grasshopper Lies Heavy (TX)/ Hyborian (first show)
Fri 25Valens (TX)/
Sat 26PETER J WOODS (WI)/ Little Flowers (MA) [member of Upsilon Acrux and Bad Dudes]/ Kingston Family Singers (IL)/ Greg Farough
Sun 27Curt Oren (IA)/ Dave Stone Free Jazz Unit/ Deer Rabbit (CO)/ Lions Eat Grass
Wed 30Not Responsible for Accidents: Immediate Works on Paper (art opening)

August 2014
Fri 01Iwakura (CO)/ Lyed (TX)
Sat 02B U L L - O F - H E A V E N (CO) ($7)
Sun 03ORCHESRATING DIVERSTY - Final Concert of the 2014 Season
Wed 06Vowel (OH)/ Trust Fall (VA)
Sat 09The Reptillian (MI)/ Two Knights (TX)/ Mothlight (IL)/ Anodes/ Laika
Tue 12The Earth Dies Screaming. (Denton,TX)
Thu 14Van Hagar (TN)/ Act of Impalement (TN)