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Wed 23ANIMAL CITY (IL)/ Jed Buechele
Fri 25THE CHICAGO UNDERGROUND DUO ($7 show)/ Dave Stone and Friends
Sun 273:00 PM ORCHESTRATING DIVERSITY URBAN YOUTH ORCHESTRA CONCERT - at Demetrius Johnson Foundation 724 Union
Mon 28Ghost Mice (IN)/ Bernay's Propaganda (Macedonia)/ Little Big Bangs/ Union Electric
Sat 03Nevada Greene/ Bob Bucko Jr
Sat 10Southerly/ Yardsss
Wed 21Marisa Anderson
Thu 22Vince Colbert/ Chris Dupont
Mon 16LIFE IN VACUUM (Toronto CA)
Sat 21Quiet Concert: Onewayness (PA)
Tue 22Greys (Toronto, Canada)
Sat 26PETER J WOODS/ Kingston Family Singers
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posted by Tom Hill
2014 Apr 4th, a Friday
Lemp is a venue, Lemp is a communty, Lemp is an alternative... Lemp is also 170 year old buildings. In our 20 years we have done the bare minimum to keep these old structures together. After this difficult winter, we have noticed some urgent structural repairs needed. There are always things we can do to make Lemp more available to the community. So, it's pretty important that we join hands to keep this place in one piece!

There's more.. You know us as avenue and El Sistema program, but we don't want to stop there. We have dreamed of transforming the basement into a community print shop, landscape the side yard to make it suitable for showing movies free to the neighborhood, renovate the building next door into a space for bands to sleep more comfortably and an academic research library for the great 20th century composer Herbert Brün. And there is still so much more we could do to serve and connect with the community.

We have laid out a series of workdays to get all this done. Come if you know how to do it - or want to learn and have fun being part of what will keep Lemp running strong for another 20 years. Any and all are welcome. We would love to meet new people with whom to share creative energies and ideas. As thanks, we will always provide volunteers with lunch and drink. If we have a concert that night, volunteers are invited for free. The dates are:
April 13: www.facebook.com/events/1435259083388234
May 4: www.facebook.com/events/452938124837053/
May 11: www.facebook.com/events/468211419976576/
May 25: www.facebook.com/events/1440480612856874
June 15
June 29
July 13
July 27

Holy Gallows (TN), Greg Farough, and Polar tomorrow night

posted by Tom Hill
2014 Mar 27th, a Thursday
Holy Gallows is the musical project of Mark Brake from Memphis, TN, formerly of Adaje. The work he brings forth with Holy Gallows is subtle and sensitive. Layering textures with little more than a guitar and a few effects, Holy Gallows will fill the room with beautiful, thought provoking sounds that will make you appreciate the world around you so much more after having heard them.
Holy Gallows live:

Greg Farough's work takes subtle and sensitive to an extreme. Typically using only sine waves, Farough creates sparse compositions that invite you to completely engage in the listening experience.
Greg Farough Live:

Polar is the solo guitar work of Travis Dodds (also member of Laika). In Polar, complicated rhythms and harmonies are layered to create dynamic songs that you will want to hear again and again understand everything that's happening.


posted by Tom Hill
2014 Mar 18th, a Tuesday
See you Saturday:

posted by Tom Hill
2014 Mar 10th, a Monday
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The Lemp Neighborhood Art Center will continue its “quiet concert” series at 8:30pm on March 16, 2014, featuring Jason Zeh, Mark Sarich, and Greg Farough.

The LNAC is located at 3301 Lemp in the Benton Park neighborhood of St. Louis. As usual, general admission is $5.

This month the quiet concert series is joined by Jason Zeh, a performer from Kansas City, MO whose subtlety and attention to detail made him one of the most popular artists at this year's Noisefest. It has also earned him a substantial reputation with audiences and fellow musicians around the country.

As with the previous nights in the series, all three performers on Sunday's concert will be debuting never-before-heard electronic compositions.

In these quiet concerts we are seeking to link our own works with those of similar composers from around the world whose experimentation with stasis and the extreme quiet reflects the same attunement to what is truly significant in music. By focusing on space and silence's relationship to the experience of sound, this series serves as an attempt to retrieve human meaning from the grasp of an increasingly commodified, coercive popular music. The constant and implicit desire in these compositions is to assist in composer Jürg Frey's call for a music expressing a "richer and more honest experience of life."

Exciting weekend coming up here at Lemp

posted by Tom Hill
2014 Mar 4th, a Tuesday
This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we have events that you definitely don't want to miss.

Friday is the return of Quad Cities band Ice Hockey, along with Gas Up Yr Hearse!. Laika plays as local support before embarking on a long awaited tour.
Ice Hockey
Gas Up Yr Hearse!

Saturday brings Brooklyn based performance artists Future Death Toll and Panoply Lab together with soothing indie band Emily And The Complexes from OH. John Beabout from Belleville, IL is going to share his poetry and accordion performance.
Future Death Toll
Emily And The Complexes
Panoply Lab
John Beabout (in Lions Eat Grass)

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The Sunday marks a very special evening with CLOAKROOM (featuring members of Native, Lion of the North and Grown Ups), Sweet Cobra, and Secret Plot to Blow Up the Entire Universe.
Sweet Cobra
Secret Plot to Blow Up the Entire Universe